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Is Your Period Normal?

Is your period really normal? Maybe it isn’t. So if you have breast distention, breast pain, and irritability before your period, this may be common in society, but these are signs that your body isn’t operating optimally. Cramps, body aches, loose stool during menses, blood clots, spotting before or after, and starting and stopping, only to start again are also symptoms indicating that your body is operating less than optimal.

These may not concern your doctor, and that is fine. However; this is informative to your acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. These are all indications that your body can improve its internal relations and communications within the body, as well as improve the use and flow of blood, systemically.

First of all, you may have been told these symptoms are normal and that you can live with it. That may not be the case, and if it bothers you, you can try acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine and find relief. Secondly, these are signals your body is sending that things can be going better. You may have several other health concerns that you may not think is related, but in the lens of Chinese medicine are very related. Some of these may be joint pain, cold hands and feet, frequent bad moods and irritability, difficulty breathing, upper abdomen distention and discomfort, vision trouble, floaters in your eyes, anger management trouble, difficulty making sound choices, and the list could go on.

Chinese medicine uses a different paradigm than western physiology and can find solutions that many didn’t know were possible.


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