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More foundational than foundation!

Often becoming healthier and more beautiful are the same path. Your appearance can be the focus of your treatment. This is done threefold.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is restorative to your skin and is a full body treatment. Lines and wrinkles often go away and continued signs of aging are drastically decreased. You can be given a strategy to improve the health of your skin while you are in treatment. This includes nutrition and self-care with derma rollers. Younger women are welcome to treatment to slow down or prevent signs of aging.

Part of my practice is craniosacral and myofascial unwinding learned in a system called Dynamic Body Balancing. How this applies to beauty is that, not only can this correct structural imbalance of the body, but those of the head and face. Structural balance improves health. It deserves more than a note in beauty. The face and head can often be more symmetrical than people know. Structural improvement may reduce the need for braces in children. Glasses can fit better. Your ears, eyes, and cheeks can more than likely become symmetrical if they are not.

Chinese herbs can resolve some conditions like acne or acne around menses. Additionally, the skin can reflect the health of the internal organs with undertones, dark circles, or redness that doesn’t disperse. Often Chinse herbs can brighten the face and help to even the skin tones. And let us not forget scar treatments, that can help marks fade.

Contact me for screening. These treatments are contraindicated for some conditions.

Read the following to learn how to build collagen with nutritional choices: Nutrition for Collagen


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Currently in the process of relocating my practice to Afton, Wyoming.


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