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Chinese Herbal Medicine

cup-932303_1920Chinese herbs, like acupuncture, help the body produce and utilize substances. It is also very powerful at effecting the body where disease processes or constitutional issues have occurred causing a profoundly ingrained issue with substances, both accumulations, and deficiencies. It is excellent where strong nourishment is needed.

This is also an essential part of treatment when you have to travel to see me and cannot be treated as frequently because you are taking your treatments home with you.

After studying Chinese herbs at Maryland University of Integrative Health, the most significant influence on my clinical practice is Classical Taoist Chinese medicine. I integrate Eight Principle strategies with 5 Element theory when possible.

Because strategies are most often designed to use several herbs, for greater safety and higher efficacy, I rarely use single herbs.

Herbs are sold separately. They come after the appointment typically. Because of their effectiveness, I recommend raw herbs to be cooked with cooking instructions. If this is an issue, I often write formulas that are dissolvable granules or pills. Sometimes herbs are topical.

I do not use illegal substances or use substance derived from endangered species. In cases where such things are historically called for I substitute a different substance or different modality.

Directions for cooking Chinese Herbal Medicine


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