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Integrative​ Asian Body Work

This bodywork includes, cupping, gua sha, tui na integrated with craniosacral and myofascial unwinding with use of Chinese physiology thought processes.

Dry cupping is the use of cups to form a vacuumed on a surface of the body, using fire, pump, or silicone suction cups. This ancient technique was made famous again by the Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps. This process moves stagnant blood, enables the flow of resources and helps eliminate pathology.


Gua sha is a process where a surface of the body is repeatedly rubbed with a smooth edged surface (plastic, jade, Chinese soup spoon) to stimulate the movement of substances and release of pathology.


Dynamic Body Balancing is the form of craniosacral and myofascial unwinding that I practice. This alleviates torsion in the fascia when it is the root of structural imbalances often causing pain, inhibiting the proper flow of body substances and organ function. I integrate Dynamic Body Balancing with tuina (Chinese massage). See more about Dynamic Body Balancing

Lastly, and very importantly, I practice integrated somatic experiencing through the lens of five elements. This is to regulate the function of the nervous system. It is particularly suited for trauma, those raised by people who experienced trauma, and those going through or have gone through long periods of unrest. Learn more about somatic experiencing integration with acupuncture at Integrative Healing


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Currently in the process of relocating my practice to Afton, Wyoming.


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