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Wellness Coaching

Much of illness comes from how we respond to what goes on around us. We physically tighten or heat up places in our body. We have a choice in much of this, and with some of our family and cultural norms, we don’t realize that we have this choice. Coaching is in part a discovery session where you can explore without blame what is your range of choice. This awareness helps you to let go of what does’ serve, empower you to take effective action, enables you to balance your own needs with those around you, and in the long run, helps you be more consistent in these practices. It helps the connectivity among families and community, which is known to improve health.

Coaching comes from the perspective of multiple traditions. Some are from Maryland University of Integrative Health, in specific coursework, from the sometimes effectiveness in action experienced from my successes and shortcomings as a leader, martial arts, somatic experience, Chinese nutrition therapy, and from what was passed to me from indigenous traditions in this country. All of this, I hold in mind and honor your belief system, and what you hold dear to you.


Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Integrated Asian Body Work


Phone: (307)220-7114



Currently in the process of relocating my practice to Afton, Wyoming.


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