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Polycystic​ Ovarian Syndrome and Mood

“For almost a year, I have been a patient of Susan Jaracz, through both herbs and acupuncture clinics for mood balance and treatment of PCOS. In my about 16 years of receiving acupuncture from a handful of TAI graduates, I found that I was always just in a holding pattern, just able to keep up with my moods, not ever ahead of them. After this year with Susan, for the first time in my life, I feel that I am a person who experiences moods, rather than a sickly woman entirely driven by them. Susan achieved in just a few short months what 15 years of treatment with other practitioners simply did not accomplish.”

“So although one could argue that the difference between my years of holding pattern and the last year of transformation is my readiness, I can tell you with certainty that Susan’s work did have a particular outcome that cannot be explained by my readiness to change alone. I was also impressed when I once asked about getting my period started and regular, and she immediately altered the formula to reflect my request. Within two weeks on this formula, my period began.”

“Later my cycle was 50 plus days. With continued treatment, it is now 30 days.”

This persons experience does not guarantee particular results in other individual cases.

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