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Remember yourself well!

Frequently, something happens, and we feel like we can never be the same again. This trauma could be a car accident, surgery, traumatic brain injury, the events in a problematic relationship, political unrest, or the things that most people would watch movies about, but don’t want to know is real. You can thrive again!

In treating trauma, I have multiple techniques that aid in the healing at various levels.  This could be emotionally burdensome and otherwise feel relatively healthy, or in reverse, there is a residual pain, perhaps what seems like random, physical symptoms around particular events, or suffering from injuries, yet emotionally you feel fine, and of course, there could be both. Childhood events that are beyond your memory can still be treated, as well as the things that are persistently in your thoughts.

Regardless of your role in your trauma, you will be treated with dignity and compassion. It is not uncommon for those who have been through trauma or have been raised by those who have, can have a similar effect on others. The healing space is solution oriented and is not blame oriented.

In working with people who have experienced trauma, I continue to use the modalities listed. I use them in a way that helps your body undue the disruptions from experiencing and re-experiencing the trauma. Strategies are implemented to make this a smoother and less traumatic and dramatic process and to help you continue your daily life while improving your effectiveness in life.

Acupuncture is often paired with experiential exercises, to harmonize the interplay in the autonomic nervous system. This means between the sympathetic nervous system (that would have you deal with a threat), and the parasympathetic (which aids in rest, digestion, and recovery) can have a smooth transition in their shared day to day responsibilities. Harmonizing this can decrease pain, anxiety, sleep issues, over and under reacting, digestive problems, addiction, difficulty in relationships, and all the many things a build-up of neurological noise, if you will, can cause. You can improve your awareness of what you and your body need as well as the needs of those around you. I can also use acupuncture for recent and past injuries.

Chinse herbs can be used to calm mind and help you feel anchored in your body if it is indicated. They can stabilize the emotions while other work is being done. They can help deal with the physical consequences of living long-term with unresolved trauma. Additionally, topicals and liniment can be used for new and old injuries. Scars can be treated with herbs and acupuncture as well to restore the flow of substances in the body, as well as help them fade.

Often I use cupping and craniosacral myofascial therapy for physical injuries. Craniosacral myofascial therapy is particularly useful with experiential exercises to unravel the physical repercussions of events from birth to the present. Where somatic experience is focused on neurology, myofascial unwinding focuses on torsions in the facia that inhibit the movement of substances in the body and neurological signal.

There is something you can do.


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